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I am a Christian and I had an abortion last year at 18 due to the fact I was in the middle of doing my HSC exams and my parents already had enough stress of my brother with clinical depression and forking out so much money and our family was a mess at the time.

I found out when I was almost 21weeks when i wondered why I hadnt gotten my period for so long and I was on the pill.  There was literally no time to think about the decision, because of the cut off time for an abortion at this many weeks was dangerous and only few clinics would do it.  We had to travel to another state overnight by car because I wasn’t allowed to go by plane and I was suffering so much pain physically and mentally and the strain it put on my parents.

It really haunts me because I love children, they are my world, I’m an assistant nurse and about to be a student Enrolled Nurse and I wanted to do midwifery.  One of the hardest parts was sitting in a room and being asked is “is this the decision you want to make?” in front of my mum.  It really wasnt, but i felt I had to do it.  This has also caused problems between my love and my parents.

I’ve asked for prayers before but some people are so judgmental, I literally cannot comprehend what my state of mind was like at the time. Unfortunately even someone who was supposed to be my best friend that I had told had recently decided to be nasty to me and tell people and put it online.

My mum had my sister at 19 years old and she told me how hard it was and that she had no support and it’s hard to start off your life without a job or study and having a child.  All that I can say is in the end, this was Gods plan for us, he knew what our decision was before we had made it but yet he forgives us and loves us.  I pray to my baby because I know where they are; alive and well in heaven and I know they are beautiful and they forgive me..