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Olivia’s story


When I was 17, just weeks after myself and my horribly abusive boyfriend broke up, I found out I was pregnant. I come from a really respectable family and this wasn’t something that was easy.

At first it was I didn’t have a choice, I was to have the baby, until my sisters sat me down and told me the choice was mine. I called my ex to tell him that I wanted to keep the baby but he said, in a very threatening way, “I wont allow it”.

So I went to councillor to find out about the options, after 2 sessions I had decided on adoption, but this particular councillor was extremely pushy on abortion constantly saying “you wont be able to go through with adoption, having a baby will ruin your life, you’ll be restricted, you wont be able to do anything ever again.” So between this and the threat I had settled on having an abortion, literally less then 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant I was over in the UK in a clinic with people smiling telling me everything was fine and dandy.

I went through the procedure feeling numb the entire way through, came home and went back for a few counselling sessions where I was told I would now live a happy free life and for a while I can honestly say I was relieved.

But then my own feelings started to come back and the numbness wore off, never had I felt worse feelings of regret. It’s a year and a half ago that this happened, and all the old feelings are coming back now that one of my friends has just had twins and my ex is having a baby with another girl already.

Although I am only nearly 19, I’m seriously considering trying for a child so I can get back the little soul I gave up because I was scared into making a decision that just wasn’t right for me..