Monthly Archives: November 2014


One of my friends posted something on her facebook about Zoe’s law in New South Wales.  She read about how it would stop women being able to have abortions and she kept saying how terrible that was.  I read the story of how Zoe’s law came about and I felt so sad for that mother.  She wanted her baby and someone killed it and she can’t get any justice and now people are trying to say that her baby can’t be valued because someone else might not want theirs?

My friend doesn’t know what I did to my baby.  She doesn’t even know I was ever pregnant and I don’t know if I could tell her without also telling her the horrible horrible truth that I wish women couldn’t have abortions.  I wish no woman could ever do it, because if they couldn’t then my baby would be here.  I wish people would understand that just because the Zoe’s law mum wanted her baby doesn’t mean some of us didn’t too.

And that if it wasn’t so damn bloody easy to get one and people didn’t fill your head with so many lies about how bad it would be to be a mother then I would have been one by now.  It’s like its all about rights to have an abortion, but what about my rights to know how this would feel?  What about my rights to not feel pushed into it?  When I rang the abortion clinic, and then rang someone they referred me to talk about how bad I felt they just kept reminding me it was my decision.   I know it was.  But I also know it wasn’t.

If I didn’t know enough about what might happen…   If all those people had shut up and given me a chance to think, then it wouldn’t have been my decision.. never!!

All this crap about choice is bullshit.  I’m sorry but it is.  It’s even worse than that but I don’t think you’ll print it.

If you are thinking about having an abortion, then you need to think again.  That’s your baby and you can do this.  Don’t dare let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, or not strong enough.  This is no way to end up.