I’m 22years old at 19 I had an abortion I was 13 weeks along.
I was in a 3 year dysfunctional relationship we lived together throughout those 3 years. He was a gangster, in and out of jail and one time he got sentenced to some months.  I started talking to another guy who became the father of my baby.  He already has 2 kids but he supported me and wanted me to have it.  I was scared and so lost because I was still in love with my boyfriend and he was coming out of jail the same month I found out I was pregnant.

So he came out and I hid my pregnacy from him.   To this day he doesn’t know.. I ended up having the abortion thinking I can fix me cheating on him while incarcerated and getting pregnant by some other guy that wasn’t him.. when I went through the procedure after it was done I felt relief.   I would think about it but nothing like now.  I regret being selfish and not giving my baby a chance to live.  I cry at times thinking what could of been,  holding my precious lil one,  enjoying him.  I can’t believe what I have done.  I feel like a monster.   I hope and pray to God he has mercy on my soul for what I did.

If only I could go back in time I wouldn’t have gone thru]ough it and I would of been a mummy:  I miss my baby.. ladies if your thinking of doing this pleaseee pleaseee don’t if you have a heart and conscience you won’t be able to live with your self knowing you killed your baby. There is different ways of dealing with stuff, don’t take the easy way out please don’t..

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