I was scared. I found out I was pregnant. the father wasn’t too sure if he wanted it.

And I knew deep down he didn’t.  But I should’ve kept it, kept my baby.  I knew it would’ve been hard raising a child alone although I would have help from family and friends.  But I didn’t want the embarrassment from people that I was havng a baby without a father for it.

I never wanted anything more than to have a child and God blessed me with one and I took it away.


I let friends and others influence me to have the abortion.

They said it would be best.

I could’ve done it though.  On my own.  I know I could’ve.

I’m now left with pain, anger, hurt, hatred.  I pray for forgiveness,  I feel I don’t deserve it though.

Will this pain ever go away.  My baby would be 1 year old today and I took it’s life away..

One Response to Donna

  • Teresa says:

    Dear Donna – you do indeed deserve forgiveness and love. What is done is done, and nothing can undo it but don’t let anyone or anything take away your hope for a better future. Many women who have made the mistake and live with the regret of abortion have gone on to bravely speak out about the hurt and harm of abortion, thereby “giving back” to other girls, what has been taken from them.
    The fact that you were brave enough, courageous enough, to pour out your pain on this website is a start. Forgive yourself. If you come across the “A Cry Without A Voice” association, you can write a tag and attach it to some little baby socks/shoes as a tangible reminder of your precious child. These shoes will then travel around Australia as a display – a gentle and loving warning to other girls and guys that abortion will do nothing other than cause them pain.
    Thank you for bravely telling your story and we pray for help and healing for you.
    God bless and love and prayers heading your way,

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