I want to start by saying I don’t know how any of these people can say abortion is a choice, more like a ‘you better or else!’ I’m not the only one of my friends who had family or friends or idiot boyfriends who said we had to do this horrid thing. I really had no idea, no idea at all. All I could think was that my mum and dad would stop sending me money for uni, my boyfriend said he wouldn’t support me and my life would be totally wrecked.

So he drives me to this clinic where I think I’ll get to tell someone how much pressure I’m under and all they do is tell me its probably ‘for the best’. For the best? What was I supposed to do then? My boyfriend’s in the car because they wouldn’t let him come in with me, there’s all these girls sitting in a waiting room, half of them crying like I wanted to and this is for the best? I went out and told my boyfriend I couldn’t do it and he was furious with me, told me to get back in, did I think my parents would support me. Well I guess I didn’t think they would and I was to scared to ask.

So I did it. I sat there numb and nobody seemed to care at all what I really wanted. They wanted my money. They wanted my baby.

After, my boyfriend looked at my face and I couldn’t hardly even look at him. He dropped me back to uni and I just laid on the bed and didn’t even get up for 2 days. He never even called me. My best friend rang my mum and told her what happened. She got me on the phone and my mum just cried and cried and asked me why.. she said they would have helped me.

It was only when she said that that I even really knew what I had done. I am so damn angry with that clinic. I even rang the clinic and tried to tell them what it was really like and all they cared about was telling me it was my choice, my decision, I signed a consent form. So I guess I did then. I am so damn angry with my boyfriend. I am even damn angry with 2 of my friends who have now told me about what happened to them and it wasn’t much better than what happened to me. Why didn’t they tell me before so I could have talked to them about it?

I need to tell my story because I will never want to be the reason why another girl goes through this. DO NOT HAVE AN ABORTION! IT WILL KILL YOUR SOUL.

I need you to not use my name, because my mum says we can’t tell my dad or anyone else. It would destroy him. I want you to call me Jade because I think my baby would have been a girl and I would have named her Jade. .

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  • Rose Klein says:

    Dear Jade,
    I am SO sorry for what you have been through. My heart breaks for you. I wish that I could give you a big hug. I will be praying for you.
    With love and hugs,

  • Sharan Hall says:

    Thankyou for sharing your story and your sadness. It made me cry for you and your baby, especially when you said your mum would have supported you…

    I posted your story on my Face book page with the preface “sitting here in tears”.
    I do believe the stories on this website will help others not to do the same thing, so once again, thankyou for sharing your story and your heart.

  • The whole abortion industry pivots on the silence of those hurt by abortion. Please continue to speak out about how your abortion hurt you Jade – you are not alone. Many other women are hurting and if you continue to be brave and speak about it, you will help others before they go down the destructive vortex of abortion.
    Praying for you. Warmest hug to you.

  • Admin says:

    I’m so sorry you were not heard. I had the same. It’s horrible. Thank you for having the courage to share you story… Karina

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