I recently had an abortion.  I am 22.  It is the worst thing I ever did and ever hope to do. I wasn’t thinking.  Nobody stopped me.  Noboday said anything about anything.  I don’t want to talk about it except to say that most days I don’t even want to be here it hurts so bad.

Please please please, if anybody ever tells you they are going to do this, do everything you can to stop them.  It will destroy their soul..

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  • Karina van Vliet says:

    Kaelyn, I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. I too was told nothing before my first abortion. I went through a program called Rachel’s Vineyard and it helped enormously. I’d encourage you to get some sort of post-abortion healing, it really does help. You can heal and feel normal again. Take care sweetie x

  • Kaelyn – know there are many out here in internet-land who are praying for you. Know that no matter what has occurred in your life, even this very sad loss of your sweet little baby, your life has a reason and a purpose and you were created not by accident but by design.

    Your testimony on this webpage will help so many other young women to NOT have an abortion.

    Thank you for being so brave and caring to share this tragic part of your life but know that there is healing available when you feel able to reach out for it. “Forgiven and Set Free” is one and there is also the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats that will help when you are ready.

    Praying for you and hugging you from afar,

    Teresa xx

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