I have just been reading about all this celebration of abortion by a bunch of radical feminists who presume they know what’s best for every woman. Having been one of their ilk, I know absolutely how they think and I for one am sick and tired of it. Feminism was supposed to free us from oppression, bring women the freedom to secure our own destinies. What it brought was a whole new kind of torture in the demise of our own children. They just exchanged the power base, and took it all for themselves to exert it on a new and unsuspecting generation of girls and women.

I had 2 abortions, 1 in my uni days when it was all the rage as a young feminist woman not to be ‘burdened’ with the children of men, the other 15 years later at the behest of my husband who decided we’d had enough children. I can tell you who I feel more angry with today, those women who encouraged me, told me I’d be more powerful, more in charge of myself, those women who are telling young women the same lies today. At least my husband was honest, at least I knew I was feeling pressured by him. The fact that I’d had an abortion before was part of his ammunition and part of my justification.

It was so wrong. I have only cried for my lost children once. I knew I couldn’t let myself do more than that or I would fall into a pit I’d never crawl out of.

To those who are celebrating the deaths of my children I say, ‘how dare you? How dare you take what is a tragic and devastating decision for so many and turn it into a reason to prance around like you actually care about the aftermath of what you encourage?’

I will be marching for the rights of my lost children, the rights of women to not succumb to these lies any longer, the rights of women to really be empowered and to say to those who are without any conscience while they thumb their noses at my grief, that they have NO right to dance on the tears of grieving women. How dare they. .

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  • Kate Cann says:

    Dear Margaret
    Thank you so much for your powerful and brave post. Your perspective is one that is so important to hear…as you say, a whole new generation are being influenced by the same old lies.

    Please be assured there are people, like myself, who would never dare to dance on your tears. We weep for you and with you, and hope that somewhere in your future you can find healing and peace.

  • Sam says:

    Hello Margaret.
    Firstly I am so sorry for your loss. However I have to say that your portrayal of Feminist’s are quite wrong. Feminist’s want to give women the opportunity of abortion. As in the time Feminism became apparent abortion was not an option for women. Feminists don’t ‘celebrate’ abortion, instead they celebrate the opportunity for abortion. Also yes, some Feminists may have encouraged you to have an abortion but the choice was ultimately yours. If you were truly intent on keeping the child, I doubt you would have had an abortion. Please do not blame your mistake on others. All in all, I am sorry for your regret, and I hope this message is not seen as hateful on such a sensitive issue.

    • says:

      Sam, I had to carefully consider the impact of your comment on the grieving women who come to this site, however after speaking to Margaret I have decided to publish it in order to correct some assumptions you have made.

      Firstly, being ‘intent on keeping’ a child should never be a factor in determining whether someone should or could have made a different decision. Many women who become pregnant unexpectedly feel ambivalent about it, and many continue the pregnancy still not sure, but grow progressively happier with their decision and connected to their babies as the pregnancy continues. Many women also have abortions feeling very ambivalent, and people often confuse this lack of certainty with not wanting their babies.

      Secondly, abortion advocates in Australia are currently campaigning on 2 levels, one by absolutely celebrating abortion by dancing and partying, something that is at the very least, in extremely poor taste considering the reality of such an experience for most women. Reading their promotional material, blogs, social media commentary, it is clear they are in fact celebrating abortion.. not abortion availability, with comments including… ‘wow, 90,000 abortions.. that’s 90,000 reasons to celebrate.’

      The second aspect of their current campaign is to ‘name and shame’ any person who speaks against abortion. Sadly this includes any woman who chooses to share her story of regret, grief or trauma following abortion. Whilst their spokesperson makes comments such as: ‘”If you take the risk of speaking out…break your silence, we will not do what you fear. We will not judge you, demean you, oppress you…we will make you understand that you will not be cast out” However, she has also publicly stated that they are not interested in women’s negative stories, saying they won’t target them as long as ‘they lay off shaming other women…’ and ‘we can’t stop people of faith guilting themselves.’

      In effect, they care only for those who are prepared to provide ‘happy’ abortion stories: negative stories apparently make other women feel bad. Furthermore, they state that any woman unhappy about her experience is obviously religious and only suffering a misplaced religious guilt. This is just another way to dismiss and undermine the reality of women’s experiences, and is certainly in conflict with their stated claim that they ‘will not judge or demean you.’

      Margaret’s story is her own experience and she has a right to tell it the way she feels it. Margaret’s experience is that those who pushed her toward abortion the first time did not have her best interests at heart even while they were telling her it would be a good and empowering act. She has a right to be angry about this as for her it was an absolute lie, as is the case for many women today.

      I thank you for your comment.

  • Admin says:

    Thank you for sharing and for having the courage to now stand and fight against the propoganda… Karina

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