When my girlfriend said she was pregnant, I was terrified.. I had no idea what to do, or what she wanted to do.  We were both so busy trying to do the right thing for each other.. now we can hardly even talk.  I thought she wanted to have an abortion.   I didn’t really want her to, but aren’t I supposed to be supportive?   To do whatever she wants?   She’s the one who would have to live through being pregnant.

I didn’t know I would be so angry afterwards.    When she told me that she wished I had said she could have the baby, what was I supposed to say?   We messed up big time.  We can never undo this.  Nothing will ever be the same..

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  • Teresa says:

    Mark – my heart aches for you that you swallowed the abortion industry’s lie “It’s a woman’s decision.” They bank on that! They know that if they can keep ramming that line down the necks of men, that many of them will step aside to let that woman make her ‘choice’.

    The saddest line a woman can hear from a man is “I’ll support you whatever you want” – this tells her that she is on her own in the decision. I can’t urge you strongly enough to speak to all your mates and tell them to NEVER EVER use that line as I know you would never want any of them to feel as you now feel.

    Mark, I am praying for you – for hope and for healing. Thank you for speaking out about your pain – it breaks through the wall of silence the abortion industry counts on to keep them in business. And you just may save another young man from being emasculated by abortion.

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