‘It was only on Saturday that I even heard about your organisation. Until I went to the symposium I didn’t know there was help out there for people with unexpected pregnancies. It is too late for me now and I suffering with guilt, shame and loss. I feel like a terrible person who does not deserve forgiveness. Before I did it, I rang a ‘counselling’ service. They didn’t tell me about you, they only said I would have to wait weeks to get in to see a counsellor in Sydney. I went to another counsellor and they didn’t suggest you either. They told me to got a doctor, which I did. His advice? To have an abortion, because the alcohol I had been drinking had probably damaged my baby and it would be my fault if I brought a child with a disability into this world. They didn’t give me any other option.

You have to get the word out there to other people so they do not suffer they way I will suffer the rest of my life. I feel like I have lost all my happiness in life. I have lost myself. I am not whole anymore. I am missing a big piece of me.

Every day I have flashbacks to the clinic. I am depressed; I drink; I am jealous of other mothers. I cry a lot; some days I can’t make myself go to work. I am so angry and in so much pain. People everywhere should be told that lots of women who have an abortion don’t do it because they have a choice. They do it because they believe they don’t have a choice.’

These are the things that should happen to prevent what happened to me from happening to anyone else.

  • It should be mandatory in schools to understand about the real consequences of sex and the repercussions of unexpected pregnancy.
  • Counsellors everywhere should have to tell people about the other options out there and the emotional consequences of having an abortion.
  • If just one person had said they would help me or there was somewhere I could get help, I wouldn’t have done it (had the abortion). Everyone should have someone to help them.


4 Responses to Meg

  • sharan hall says:

    You are so right Meg, Counselors should have to tell people there are organisations to help. So sad to hear of your story. Thank you for sharing. There is light at the end of the tunnel..

    your comment about no choice is so right.. abortion isn’t a choice, it is a last resort when there seems to be no other choice. I trust your story will help others before they take this so sad step… that they will seek / be offered help in time.

  • Kate Cann says:

    Dear Meg
    Thank you for being brave and honest in sharing your story with us. I’m so sorry no-one offered you the support you needed. It was wrong that you were not given all the information you needed.
    but there is support available now…
    It will not bring back what you have lost, but it is possible to find emotional healing, and learn how to do life differently without punishing yourself like this.
    You are not alone. We have heard you, and we grieve with you.
    Please use the links provided on the “Get Help” section to either contact an organisation listed there, or use the link there to email this site for more help. You do not have to keep suffering like this. You have made a big step forward in sharing your story. I hope you continue to reach out for help. Love, Kate. :)

  • Rose Klein says:

    You are so right Meg. Doctors too, should be referring Mums to pregnancy support counsellors, so that they receive information on all the options available for supporting them through their pregnancy.
    Kate is right, there is help for you and other Mums who are grieving. I hope that you can get that help and start to heal your broken heart. Love and hugs. Rose

  • Lyn Schoof says:

    Thanks for sharing Meg. Maybe your story will reach others who are contemplating abortion and will influence their decision. I think the points you make are spot on.

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