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I am 18 and my partner is 20 – I have been with my partner for 10 months and we fell pregnant after being together 4 months.  I was on the pill when we started going out and when we moved in together (around 3 months in) we decided to go off the pill and try for a baby.

We tried this for a few weeks then realised it wasn’t working.  I had taken so many pregnancy tests at home and none had said positive.

I found out that I was 2 weeks pregnant (I just had a feeling something was different with my body).  I got a positive test done at the doctors.  My boyfriend has always been against abortion and I had mixed feelings on whether to go through and have the child or not.

I got up enough courage to tell my mum that I was pregnant and she was calm but very mean.

I love my mum but I do not doubt that she put things in my head to make me choose an abortion.  My mum had told me that she didn’t want anything to do with my baby if my boyfriend was going to be the father.  In saying that, I didn’t want to lose my mum so I booked the appointment for a termination.

My partner and I were sitting in the waiting room of the clinic while I was crying and my boyfriend was saying that we can leave at any point and I didn’t have to go through with it.  Knowing that I would lose my mum if I hadn’t done what she wanted, I went into surgery.

To this day I regret going through with it and wish that I was 5 months pregnant.  I think that I would love motherhood and I should never have let my family make such a big decision for me..

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  • Teresa says:

    No words are enough for the sadness felt reading you were so unsupported by your mother. What a heartbreak for you. Often those who are so against the child often “man up” to loving that little one once he or she is here. That is little consolation though, for you as you suffer the loss of your child.
    The only positive arising out of this is that you will know that if you have a child in the future and that child is pregnant with a child of her own, give unconditional love irrespective of who the father is.
    Praying for you and hugging you from here, Peta. Know there is a number of organisations who can help you with counselling and healing.
    God bless and thank you for being brave enough to share your story,

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