Preemie loss

I don’t have an abortion story. But the story I do have shows how deeply the death of a baby affects the father. I lost our baby in 1975. She was a micro premie. Back then there where no NICU’S, our little girl, Marjorie Rose, fought for life for two hours. In the end she was loved by two parents who grieved differently.
I was able to move on. To hold her in my heart but remarry and have more children. My first husband couldn’t. Ten years after our divorce he committed suicide. It was so traumatic for him and hers had been a natural death. If it was that hard for him I can’t imagine how it must feel for a man who wanted his child only to have the baby torn from his life. Literally and figuratively.
I pray for him daily. My hope is that God is merciful. That he is allowed to be there with our daughter. I picture them together. That brings me peace.
The loss of a child is not just a woman’s issue. The father’s feel the huge loss too.

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