Reverse Medical Abortion

If you have taken Mifepristone (the first drug given in medical abortion) in the last 24 hours, reversal may still be possible for you. . 

In the United States, there is currently about a 55% success rate for women to successfully continue a pregnancy and have a healthy baby.

We can find a physician to help you with the progesterone protocol, but it is very important that you act quickly for greatest chance of success.  We can provide your doctor with the protocol and follow up requirements.   The treatment involved inserting a progesterone pessary into your vagina each day during the entire first trimester of pregnancy and having ultrasound to determine foetal heartbeat.

There is NO evidence that Mifepristone causes any foetal abnormalities.

Send a message through our Livehelp facility located on the left of the home page with the message that you are seeking reversal, your contact details, and your suburb and city.  Even if we are offline, we will get your message and endeavour to respond as soon as possible.   


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