After growing up with my younger sister in a home which began with my mother and father, then after their separation, my grandmother and father, then aunt and uncle, and finally my step-mother and father; I found myself after leaving high school one hurt, broken and needy young woman. I went out with a neighbour’s son at the age of 16 but I broke it off with him and he said he would wait until ‘next time’.

Two and a half years later I was going out with him again briefly but I broke it off again and he said the same thing to me but I told him there be no next time.  Soon after I discovered I was pregnant to him while I was away on holidays and quickly flew back to Brisbane late 1974 to see a doctor who did abortions in his clinic.  I could not stand the idea of bringing a child into a home where there was brokenness to begin from, and, selfishly, I thought about my strong desire to travel before settling down.

The doctor told me to get up on the bed and he inserted instruments inside of me which caused great pain and very heavy bleeding. I had to go out to another room out the back for several hours before I could drive home and I knew I teetered on being sent to a hospital.  My family were away so I went home where I lay in tremendous pain all night long as my stomach contracted.  Towards late morning of the next day my body expelled the seven-and-a-half week embryo.  My sister had arrived with the rest of the family and I told her what I had done and she said that I would regret that one day. I vehemently denied the possibility of that ever happening and completely shut out all thoughts of what I had done.

Twenty-five years later, now a Christian and a wife and mother to five children, I attended a restoration course at a church and on the last day they taught on grief and grace.  I could feel something welling up in me the only way I could describe it is like bubbles surfacing and I didn’t understand what was happening to me.  I went home after we had a celebration lunch for the end of the course but I knew I just had to go straight back to the church to see if the elderly couple who were teaching the course were still there.

They were, and as soon as I walked into the church I broke down with loud sobs and crying as the suppressed grief of the abortion was released and they came and prayed healing for me.  I must have cried for about half an hour as the guilt and self-condemnation rolled off me as I asked God for forgiveness from the depths of my being.  He forgave me and I was set free.  Now I feel the need to share my story in the hope that others too would be healed and set free..

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  • Sharon, thank you for baring your soul and sharing your pain. By your bravery in telling your story, many other women will be impacted and hopefully stop, think, research, read and listen to the reality of abortion – that it is hurtful, harmful and destructive.

    Praise God for the healing in your life.

    God bless,


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