This is choice? K

I have three kids.  I just had a surgical termination on friday 16th.

I was 8 weeks pregnant.   I suffered Hypermemis Gravidarum and was already hospitalized 3 times for four days due to vomiting.

I regret every single moment of it and wish i just walked away out of their when i started to feel hesitant.  I do have a partner but unsupportive.

But the hospital advised me and then the pressure of speaking to a social worker in regards to being sick and how I feel etc I didn’t know if I could do it so close to Christmas and possibly be spending Christmas in hospital away from my babies I already have.  K

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    Oh beautiful one. Your story resonates with me. I too have 3 children and I had my 8 week 5 day old aborted on Tuesday. The most horrible day of my life and I am filled with such deep regret and sorrow and just want my baby back. I too had Hypermemis Gravidarum and was in hospital for 3 days. I too wish I had ran as soon as I was hesitant. I had booked in for counselling but couldn’t get in until next year. Our decision was because we would have gone bankrupt if we proceeded and the whole family would have suffered. I wish I had of been strong enough to find a way. I miss my baby every day. Sending you love, light and healing.

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