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We are always accepting submissions of post abortion stories from both women and men.   All stories will be de-identified so as to protect your anonymity.    We will do this by changing names and any other information that we feel may identify who you are.

We reserve the right to publish or not publish stories that are submitted.

We reserve the right to use the de-identified stories in other sites and for other educational, research or supportive purposes.

We reserve the right to edit submitted stories for grammar, language, or any other purpose, so long as it does not change the integrity of your story.


You can send us your story in 2 different ways.

Email your story to us at:  mystory @  (remove the spaces, these prevent spambots)

Complete the form below with your story in the comments section

We will NOT publish your real name (unless you specifically request this).

We will NOT publish or share in any way any identifying information about you, including your real identity or your email address.

Your personal details, including your name and email address will be removed from our system once your story is uploaded to the website.


Due to the many hundreds of spam we have been receiving through the contact form, this service will be temporarily suspended.  Please send your story via the above email contact instead. Thank you


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  • Rosie Cirocco says:

    I had a medical abortion before I became a Christian (1985) and was told I had to terminate because of the serious blood disease that I had and the level of prednisolone I was taking – I was told that my developing baby would have “brian damage and deformities like cleft pallet” – after becoming a Christian and I had my healing we had 2 healthy children and I also found out that you CAN have a normal baby while taking 10mg of prednisolone – I basically was given a worst case scenario without other options – so sad! I wished I had more support earlier!

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