Hi this is my Sad Story!!!
November 26, 2014 – I had an abortion that day.  I became a murderer!  I was so sick at the hospital with 104.6 fever… That day my life changed.  They told me I was pregnant I didn’t trust them so I told me to do another one, they did and it was positive!

I was in shock because I have one baby already and how I am going to support the other one, my economy it is really bad, I am working full time and going to college. .. I told to myself No I can’t I can’t give all my baby needs. .. that day I made the horrible mistake that anyone can make !! I aborted my 6 weeks baby :'(:'(

It is so hard how I could not have this baby !!!! I cry every single day because in my heart it’s a strong pain that it is killing me !!! I would love to go back and take the good and only decision … Have my Baby but I can’t it is too late :'(.

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